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Who Do I Lean On? A House of Hope Novel by Neta Jackson

Who Do I Lean On? A House of Hope Novel by Neta Jackson

by Lori

  • Author: Neta Jackson
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson (2010)
  • Category:Fiction
    Rating: ★★★★☆

  • Who Do I Lean On? is the third book in Neta Jackson’s House of Hope series. Where Do I Go? and Who Do I Talk To? are the first two books, where we met Gabby Fairbanks after her husband kicked her out and changed all the locks. Now in Who Do I Lean On? Gabby is back on her feet, ready to gain custody of her two boys and planning something so big only God could be in charge of it all.

    Gabby braces herself for a tough custody battle. Instead she found that her husband does not want to fight her and he is over his head in gambling debts. At the same time Lee, Gabby’s lawyer has made hints he would like to be more than friends. With Gabby’s new project, her boys adjusting to a new school, and trying not to run ahead of God’s plans, she finds her life spinning out of control. Gabby has found her strength lies in abiding in God’s word and in his love. God continues to show Gabby He has everything under control.

    I have enjoyed this House of Hope book series and I feel there is still a lot more to be shared about Gabby’s story. This book had a lot of sub-stories that did get to be a bit confusing at times. I enjoyed each story but felt they were only glassed over and then moved on. I like how Neta Jackson’s books do not end with a tidy bow at the end. Life is messy and we may not always make the best choices, but God is there working in our favor and using some of our mistakes to His glory. This is a book I recommend, but I would recommend the first two stories in the series first. Each story builds upon each other.

    Who Do I Lean On? A House of Hope Novel by Neta Jackson can be purchased here.


    Born in Winchester, Kentucky, in 1944, Neta Jackson is the daughter of a Christian school principal father and a school librarian mother. Her childhood took her from Boston, Mass., to Longview, Texas, to Seattle, Washington. She barely noticed because she always had her nose in a book — when she wasn’t drawing pictures of horses.

    Her love of perfectly placed words never wavered. As a high school senior, she took the winnings from a Scholastic Magazine First Place Award for story writing and bought a typewriter. She hasn’t quit writing since.

    She planned to attend Wheaton College but spent her first year in a Bible college closer to home. Husband Dave said he is glad she did. That is where they met and fell in love. Neta stayed true to her dream of attending Wheaton the next year and left Dave behind, trusting that if God meant for them to be together, things would work out.

    Hundreds of letters later they were married. After two children, one foster child and grandchildren of their own, Neta and Dave enjoy one of the most successful writing partnerships ever. Their TRAILBLAZER series and HERO TALES have stacked up such prestigious awards as the Angel Award of Merit from the Education Clearinghouse Product Review, Best Children’s Book of the Year from the CBA New Zealand and the ECPA Gold Medallion Award.

    When not pounding out another great story, Neta enjoys gardening and genealogy and adores the new experience of grand parenting. She and Dave worship at the Worship Center in their hometown in Illinois.

    FTC Disclosure: Special thanks to Jeane Wynn of Wynn & Wynn Media for sending me a review copy of Who Do I Lean On? A House of Hope Novel by Neta Jackson.

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    Iris June 19, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    Life indeed is messy. Some situations might not end as we have hoped for. Thank you for sharing your opinion on this book.

    Donna October 6, 2010 at 11:03 am

    will there be a # 4 in the House of Hope series?

    Sandi Bricker January 4, 2011 at 3:34 pm

    I loved this series, but when I finished with #3, I wanted to know what happens next! I hope there will be a #4

    Nancy Roger March 16, 2011 at 5:10 pm

    The Yada Yada series and now House of Hope series are the BEST I’ve every read. It’s hard to wait until the next one is published. Will there be a #4 in House of Hope SOON? Also, the Harry Bentley books are awesome also – love the way the series are tied together. PLEASE keep the books coming.

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