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Rest Assured by Nancy McGuirk

by Lori

Rest Assured
By Nancy McGuirk
BH Publishing Group

If you are looking for a wonderful devotional book to read this year, I strongly recommend Rest Assured. This book is the balm for a busy life of doing too much on your own, making too many commitments, and putting too much on your calendar.

Don’t let the short devotionals fool you, each day you will walk away learning more about God. This devotional gives you the feeling of sitting in a coffee shop across from a friend. Nancy challenges the reader to “cultivate stillness on the inside even when there is chaos on the outside,” to “turn worries into prayers and fears into faith,” and to “make it a practice to memorize scripture so you will never be without reason to believe God.” Nancy’s desire is for each reader to “draw near to God daily and find rest for your soul.”

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