When you send your youngest to spend a lot of time with Grandpa, you get an excited phone call from your youngest saying he has found a new favorite hobby..

Another Tiger Shot

Sigh…hubby did mention kids clubs were on sale for cheap and birthday is next month… Ok this will be good when he is running his own company right?

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8 Responses to Like we need another sport in this household….

  1. Kim says:

    What a precious picture. I’m sure he’s having a BLAST with Grandpa!!!

    My son Andrew is into golf too…..and he really enjoys it. So tell me, when will you be making your trek to my wonderful state of MN?

    It’s FINALLY feeling like summer…..I’m sure you will have a WONDERFUL time!!


  2. Iris says:

    Oh – how neat that he is enjoying his time with Grandpa :) and maybe he will be really good one day!!!

    Blessings to you my sweet friend…I am sure you are getting excited to join your youngest!

  3. Shan says:

    At least yours involves clubs….ours came back expecting hooves in her life like at Granddad’s!

  4. chaotic joy says:

    Oh but it’s such a sweet picture!

  5. Crystal says:

    That’s a great photo. :) I can’t imagine golf being FUN, but I hope he enjoys it. :)

  6. motomom says:

    My boss does own his own business. In about 30 (11:45) minutes he will be leaving for his weekly golf game with his other self employed buddies. Throughout the year he will also meet with clients to golf, do long golfing weekends out of state with friends, clients, or other board members of the golf club.

    There are times that I feel guilty at my job. Some (recently most) days my work is done within 5 minutes. I have to stop and remember I am paid to hold down the fort while he golfs. If anything comes up I email his Blackberry. A tough job, but somebody has to do it.

  7. Karen says:

    Yes! Plus, it could always lead to a college scholarship, right? And, what a great photograph of your son!

  8. I think golf is a great sport for young guys to take up. Cameron is getting a set of clubs for his birthday Sunday and he’s only three! I love that photo.